What is a co-op playschool?

A co-op playschool involves teacher and family involvement where members of the family share responsibilities and volunteer their time in the classroom.

What is the age range of students?

We have 2 classes: Caterpillars and Butterflies. Students must be 2 years or older by October 1st of that school year to enroll in the Caterpillar class. Students must be 3 years 6 months or older by October 1st of that school year to enroll in the Butterfly class. It is possible for children who miss the cutoff date to be accepted into a class with board approval.

When are the classes?

Butterfly class meets 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. Caterpillar class meets 2 days a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays. Class drop off is at 9am and pick up is at 12 noon.


What is the teacher to student ratio?

There is a max ratio of 1:5. There is Teacher Tami, and 2 family volunteers with a max of 15 kids per class.

Do students need to be potty trained?

Students do not need to be potty trained, though there are two toddler bathrooms available if they are. We can accommodate cloth and disposable diapering.

What are the financial and participation requirements?

There is an annual registration fee of $95. Caterpillar tuition is $150/mo and Butterfly tuition is $200/mo for the school year 2019-20 There are discount opportunities for providing advance payment. Families are expected to share equally as a classroom volunteer and classroom cleaner, attend monthly parent meetings, hold one school job, and participate in fundraising events. Any member of the family can volunteer with a prior background check.

Does the school accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, we do have snack time provided by the parent volunteers and the acceptable snacks vary based on the dietary restrictions of the current students.

Can younger siblings attend with a family volunteer?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t prohibit the volunteer from being available during class. We fully support breastfeeding moms and will accommodate their needs in any way we can.


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