PCFFP defines a “family member” as any adult who is significant in the child’s life. The active involvement of each child’s family within the school is valued and desired. All parents, adult siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and caregivers are welcome, provided each person has previously passed a background check.

Cooperative Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Please bring children to school well rested, healthy, in clean clothes, and having had a healthy breakfast.

  • Please interact with the other children and parents/guardians within the classroom.

  • Please be supportive of the children as they explore and make new friends.

  • Some children become anxious when they are unsure as to whether their parent has really gone, so please do not stay and wait after saying goodbye.

  • Please bring issues directly to the Board or Teacher Tami in order to have them resolved.

Responsibilities for each family include:

  • Volunteer in the classroom two times per month or as needed

  • Attend Orientation and Parent Meetings throughout the school year

  • Clean the preschool one time during the school year

  • Sign up for and fulfill a family job

  • Participate in fundraising, as required

Classroom Volunteer Days

Classroom volunteer days are an opportunity to expand and practice guidance skills with young children, and get to know other co-op members. Parents will also have the chance to see their child interact with other children and adults in a supportive environment. Without volunteers it would not be possible for the class to run smoothly.

Parent Meetings

One Preschool Orientation and four Parent Meetings are planned throughout the year. Except Preschool Orientation and school closures, meetings are held the last Wednesday evening of the month, and last approximately two hours. Families need to have at least one person in attendance at each of the scheduled meetings. Childcare is available during Parent Meetings for $5/child.


This is the time to help plan events, ask questions, and learn. There are usually guest speakers during the November, January, and March Parent Meetings; they cover topics such as emotional regulation in preschoolers, play-based learning, and positive discipline.

Classroom Cleaning Days

Keeping the preschool clean and sanitary is a high priority and a team effort. Therefore, at least one adult from each child’s family must participate in a classroom cleaning day once a year.


These cleaning days are usually held the first week of the month, after class. Children are welcome to attend, although it does make the afternoon take a little longer. During classroom cleanup, the parents/family members will wipe down shelves, tables, and chairs, disinfect toys as appropriate, vacuum, sweep, and mop.

Family Jobs

For the preschool to run smoothly, each family is required to sign up for one preschool job. Jobs are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and the Board will do their best to make sure each job fits each family’s preference and skill set. Please read the Board and Family Job Description pages and contact the Board if there are any questions, or if an assigned job does not feel like a good fit.


PCFFP offers a very affordable tuition to families in the community. One of the ways that this is possible is through a cooperative fundraising effort. These fundraisers are small-scale, fun family events spread throughout the year. Past fundraisers have included Burgerville Nights, a Rock ‘n’ Roll-a-Thon for the kids, a plant sale, and others. Every family is expected to participate in each of the school fundraisers in some way. The level of participation may vary, however some level of participation is expected at each event.

If there is a scheduling conflict or some other reason a family cannot participate in an event, please let the Board know as soon as possible. Families who do not participate in an event without letting the Board know will be levied a fee of $20. There is also the option of a $200 buy out for the Raffle Fundraiser, and an additional $200 buy out for the remainder of the fundraisers for the year (two separate buyouts).

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